Tournant Catering

We are dedicated to the craft of good cooking. To us, this means starting with exceptional ingredients that have been farmed, raised, fished and foraged with care, then treating them with respect. We believe the best food is prepared simply and honestly, with excellent technique, allowing the ingredients to shine.  

Whether on a mountaintop or at our private dining room, our meals are always a conversation between your vision, the seasons, the surroundings and that particular moment in time. We like our guests to engage with their food and one another, so we often focus on family-style feasts and items meant to be eaten with your hands. Live-fire cooking and Oyster Social mobile raw bar service are specialties of ours.

Many have told us that the word 'catering' does not adequately capture what we do. Perhaps a more fitting description is that we create experiences through food. With each meal, we strive to create a sense of place and ceremony, bringing together our love of community and farm-focused food to create unforgettable moments around the table.

Private Dining

Celebrations catered at the Tournant dining room are intimate yet convivial affairs. We invite guests to mingle over a glass of wine and some welcome bites before being seated at long communal tables to share a seasonally focused family-style meal. Our guests often say that a meal at Tournant feels like they are dining at our home, which is the highest compliment we can imagine. 

Destination Dining

We like adventures. We've brought our food to fields of wildflowers, tables by the sea and cabins in the woods. Our expertise cooking over an open fire means that we can make the world our kitchen. We are known for whole animal cookery, freshly shucked oysters, smoky cedar-planked seafood, huge paella pans of deliciousness simmering over the flames, ash-roasted vegetables, the freshest seasonal salads. If you can dream it, we can do it.

Photos by Eva Kosmas Flores and Christiann Koepke


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Here are some photos that talented friends have taken in recent years. We think these beautifully capture the essence of what we can do for you, and that extra memorable moment you have in mind.